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Gain insight on the industry’s latest breaking news and media stories from your trusted, always up-to-date commercial cleaning company, JAN-PRO of Oklahoma City. Find out how we are impacting businesses every day with clean and organized work atmospheres, as well as, JAN-PRO’s recent successes with creating franchisee opportunities that are positively impacting the metro Oklahoma City area.  Whether it is breaking industry news, cleaning tips, how-to guidelines, or Q & A, we invite you to use us as your resource for all things commercial cleaning.

Why Should You Invest in Jan-Pro Franchise to Start Your Business?

August 26, 2020
Commercial cleaning is a very diverse industry where all its associated companies account for 6% of the total market of various industries. Among them, cleaning services franchises account for approximately 10% of the overall market. As the world is developing fast, the need for efficient and high-quality cleaning services is increasing day by day. Due...

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Jan-Pro Oklahoma - The World’s Number 1 Commercial Cleaning Services Company

August 26, 2020
Jan-Pro Professional cleaning system of Oklahoma-city is one of the best franchised commercial cleaning services providing company. Jan-Pro started from a single business and now has successfully grown to a worldwide franchising business. Currently, it has built a solid reputation by running over 99 master franchises offices and more than 10,000 unit franchises in different...

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Jan Pro Cleaning - Give Your Business the Cleaning it Deserves!

July 16, 2020
Jan Pro Cleaning Company is one of the best commercial cleaning company situated in Oklahoma City. What sets us apart is our utilization of the latest processes and techniques for the cleaning. We not only clean different commercial areas, but we also make them a safe place to work. It was established by the Rush...

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What Everyone Must Know About the Best Cleaning Service in the City 2

July 15, 2020
Regardless of what business you run, a clean environment is essential. A clean environment attracts customers and it is also crucial for the safety of yourself and your employees. Given the current circumstances, the need for disinfection of the area where one works and resides is more important than ever. Some people might say that...

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Impress Your Clients Through Jan-Pro’s Commercial Office Cleaning Services!

July 15, 2020
Regardless of whatever business anyone is running, a neat and clean environment is necessary for working. Cleanliness is of paramount significance to the consumers’ perception and the company’s persona. A business with a clean environment is, by default, thought of as a healthy environment and is more likely to attract customers than an unclean one....

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Hiring a Janitorial Service? Read This Before You Do

May 19, 2020
Cleaning services and we mean proper cleaning is not something you get from just anyone. Sure, you will find many companies offering commercial cleaning services, but not all are the same. Here is something you need to know – cleaning is a science simple and straight. Everything from the tools used to the person using...

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Tips to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Service

February 29, 2020
It may seem as if choosing a commercial cleaning service for the maintenance of your facility is going to be easy. However, it is not that easy. The type of services you may need would depend on the type of facility you own. There is no doubt that the appearance of your facility would influence...

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What Is the Importance of a Clean Restaurant for Business?

February 28, 2020
Do you work at a restaurant or own one? If so, you must be already aware of the importance of a clean and hygienic clean restaurant. Cleanliness is the main reason for happiness and a neat and clean impeccable restaurant is the key to customer satisfaction and happiness. Keeping a restaurant hygienic, healthy and clean...

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Proper Sanitation-A Must for Medical Facilities

February 20, 2020
All over the world the health practitioners are the ones who follow very strict guidelines about sanitation as they have been trained in such a manner, that they are the ones to guide other people about proper sanitation as well. They are also trained on how to get rid of the medical waste properly so...

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Educational Facility-A Serious Impediment to Learning

February 19, 2020
A serious factor that effects the learning of a student attending any educational institute, that is often overlooked, is the condition of that educational institute. The parents might not take the hygienic conditions or cleanliness of the educational institute into account while getting their child admitted, but it has been proven and backed by research...

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Why Hire Professional Cleaning Services for your Workplace?

February 19, 2020
There are many reasons to hire commercial cleaning services in order to keep your workplace in a spotless immaculate condition. The topmost and foremost among them all is the first impression that your potential customers and clients will make regarding your dedication to your work and this in turn will make them come back again...

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Keeping your Office Healthy this Flu Season

February 10, 2020
Almost all the business professionals and businessmen dread the arrival of the flu season and winter season. If even one of the employees who is considered the backbone of your business gets sick, it will break the entire workflow of the company. On the contrary, consider a dedicated employee who comes to get their work...

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Advantages of a Clean Workplace

February 02, 2020
If you are a business entrepreneur or a facility manager, you must never consider commercial cleaning of your facility as a cost. It’s actually an investment. Maintaining a clean environment at the workplace can pay itself over in many hidden and unexpected ways. By keeping your workplace neat, clean and tidy, you are ensuring the...

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Why Keep Your Office Clean?

January 24, 2020
As an entrepreneur or a business man, the top priority you must have in your mind is a clean work place. Having a healthy and hygienic environment at your workplace is the cornerstone for running a successful business. Here are a few reasons why you must have a clean workspace and never let cleaning get...

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Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 Awards for 2014

July 15, 2014
Global commercial cleaning franchise JAN-PRO is awarded three leading rankings in the esteemed Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Awards for 2014. JAN-PRO Master Owners join in with these recognitions and rank their satisfaction highly in December’s Franchise Business Review survey. January 13, 2014, Alpharetta, GA – Of the myriad of accolades bestowed in the franchise industry, an EntrepreneurFranchise...

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JAN-PRO Named on Top 50 List for Veterans for VetConnection Program

June 26, 2014
JAN-PRO Named on Top 50 List for Veterans for VetConnection Program JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems has been selected as one of the World Franchising Network’s 2014 Top 50 Franchises for Veterans. June 26, 2014 – Oklahoma City, GA – JAN-PRO Cleaning Systems, a leading commercial cleaning franchise, has been named one of the World Franchising Network’s 2014 Top...

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JAN-PRO is Awarded #24 Spot on Franchise Direct's Top 100 Global List

April 01, 2014
JAN-PRO is Awarded #24 Spot on Franchise Direct’s Top 100 Global List JAN-PRO International, a leading commercial cleaning franchise, continues to show rising development as they earn the #24 position in Franchise Direct’s exclusive global franchising list. This recognition is supported by JAN-PRO’s recent expansion into Middle Eastern, African, and Asian countries.   April 1,...

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JAN-PRO Tops the Bill Again in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 Awards

January 13, 2014
JAN-PRO Tops the Bill Again in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 Awards Global commercial cleaning franchise JAN-PRO is awarded three leading rankings in the esteemed Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Awards for 2014. JAN-PRO Master Owners join in with these recognitions and rank their satisfaction highly in December’s Franchise Business Review survey. January 13, 2014, Alpharetta, GA – JAN-PRO Franchising International...

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